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Asset Protection

Northern Event Services has developed a value-added approach to site patrol and access services. With customer service on the forefront, we design staff training programs that will assist our clients in maximizing their employee safety.

Our services are consistently developed to meet our client’s needs and risks, whatever they may be. From concierge-style positions, to active site patrols we tailor our personnel, training and procedures to provide the best fit possible. In addition, we believe in quality assurance through regular site inspections and client contact so that we maintain the highest level of service.

Event Secuirty

Northern Event Services has extensive experience in crowd management and public safety; from large concerts to intimate weddings, our team focuses on the client’s security needs so that their guests may focus on enjoying the event.

Our service starts before the event begins through a consultative process with the client. We encourage open dialogue with our clients, so that there is clear understanding of their needs thus ensuring that we are providing services with the best possible safety solutions. Part of this process, includes collaborating with event coordinators to create security plans that clearly outline responsibilities of all staff and overall emergency procedures.

Once a security plan has been developed, Northern Event Services personnel will be briefed on the plans and site specifics to enable them to handle all situations quickly and effectively with minimum disruption to the event.

Security Management Consulting

Security management system rollout and support, assisting clients in the procurement, utilization and ongoing management of third party security companies.

All Services

– Facility and event access control, including large scale crowd control services.
– Long term 24/7 static guard contracts.
– Residential protection
– Concierge work
– Loss prevention and investigations.
– CCTV real time monitoring and emergency response protocols.
– Site Security Plans from beginning to end to assist with any license applications.
– Security officer training aligned to best practice Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) including Crowd Management Specific Training
– Experience of working within ISO standards

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Safe. Secure. Reliable.


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